Although Alzheimer’s disease is known for memory loss, the majority of patients become easily upset, agitated, angry and irritable. This can be difficult for the family and caregivers.

Studies are being done to evaluate if new medications may improve this aspect of Alzheimer’s disease. The Northwest Clinical Research Center has the opportunity to evaluate if a novel medication may reduce agitation levels thereby making management of the disease more effective.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s that May Lead to Agitation and Aggression
    Increased memory loss and confusion
    Problems recognizing family and friends
    Problems coping with new situations
    Hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia
    Difficulty completing tasks (such as getting        dressed)

Your Role as Caregiver
Your role as a caregiver is vital to evaluating the study medication as you will be attending visits with your loved one and communicating with study personnel. Without research volunteers it would not be possible to evaluate if lowering of agitation and aggression associated with Alzheimer’s dementia can improve quality of life for patients and caregivers. Compensation for your time and a travel stipend are available to those who qualify and elect to participate.

Clinical Trial Participation
Northwest Clinical Research Center is conducting a clinical research study evaluating a medication for reducing the severity of agitation and aggression in adults between the ages 55 to 85 with Alzheimer’s disease.
Participants will receive the following at NO COST:
    Medical Evaluation
    Medical Care
    Study Medication

For more information about participating in this clinical trial call us at (425) 453-0404 or complete the questionnaire on this page.